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About Us:

TAS Machine Company is a local family owned and operated business that specializes in the repair of automotive aluminum alloy and steel wheels and rims. The owner started his career in the automotive industry after graduating high school. He worked as a line technician for Mercedes Benz, Honda and Acura over the course of 13 years, was master certified and a licensed Maryland state inspector. He eventually realized the need for a specialty wheel and rim repair shop in the area and decided to invest the time and money into starting the business from his home garage with his brother in 2013. Since then the brothers have grown the business into a full service rim repair and powder coating shop. The owner believes in focusing on the customer needs first, and the repair second. The guiding principle at TAS is to always recommend the best possible option to the customer, and it's not always repair. TAS always wants to see customers spend their hard earned money in the best way possible. Experience, expertise and pride of workmanship is the trademark of TAS. Thank you for considering our services.

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