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Curb Damage
Parallel parking and tight drive-thru's are usually the culprit and it happens to the best of us. You finally found a parking spot after circling for what seemed like forever. You engage your blinker and start backing in, almost there and CRUNCH! You scraped the curb with your beautiful wheel. OR you're pulling up to the drive-thru window and get a little too close....UGH! Curb scrapes and gouges are probably the most common damage seen on wheels and can really detract from the overall look, appearance and value of your vehicle. Many Used Car Dealers know this and have all damaged wheels in their inventory repaired before placing those vehicles up for sale. If you are leasing your car and turn it in with curb damaged wheels, the dealer can and will charge you for the cost of replacing the wheel, which is always much higher than the cost of repairing. Give us a call and save yourself some $$$. We can repair all types of curb damage and the repair will be virtually undetectable. 
Avoiding Curb Damage
One very helpful trick to avoid contacting a curb while parallel parking is to adjust your sideview mirror downward on the curb side of the vehicle so your rear wheel is visible in the mirror. Some vehicles come factory equipped with technology that automatically performs the mirror adjustment when placing the vehicle in reverse. Check your owners manual for engaging and/or setting this function. 
Our Repair Process
First, the wheel is inspected for other damage such as bends or cracks. Upon a close inspection of the curb damage, it is determined whether welding in new material will be necessary. If no welding is required, the damaged area will be sanded smooth and blended out so the repair will not stand out once the wheel is refinished. Once the damage is removed and blended the wheel is refinished with industrial grade automotive primer, basecoat and clearcoat. 
Our Guarantee
All curb damage repairs are guaranteed to not peel, flake or discolor for 1 year. Any damages caused by an outside influence are not covered under this guarantee. 

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