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Air Leaks and Corrosion


Are you constantly having to 'Air Up' your tires? Have you had your tires checked and were told there were no leaks? Your wheels could have excessive corrosion build up causing the tire not to seal properly to the bead seat. Not to fear! We have the solution and we guarantee it!  Corrosion of a wheel's bead seat happens when salt laden moisture works it way past the finish of the wheel, down to the base metal. The metal is oxidized and over time this leads to air leaks. This can happen to all types of wheels but is most common on chrome plated wheels. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do to prevent corrosion from occuring. If you live in an area where road salt is used in the winter time, your wheels are automatically more susceptible to bead seat corrosion. 


Our Process


First, the wheel is checked for possible air leaks. Once it is determined that bead seat corrosion may be the cause, the tire is dismounted and the bead seats are closely inspected. Depending on the extent of the corrosion, the repair method is determined. Typically, all corrosion is removed on our lathe. The bead seats of the wheel are sealed and re-coated with corrosion resistant industrial paint. Finally, the tire is remounted and balanced and rechecked for leaks.


Our Guarantee


All wheels repaired through our bead seat corrosion repair process are guaranteed to be leak free for 1 year. Air leaks caused by tire punctures/ tire damage and/or wheel damage are not covered under this guarantee.

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