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Cracked Wheel Repairs
Cracks Happen! Unfortunately aluminum alloy wheels are highly susceptible to cracking. Currently, the majority of wheels are cast aluminum alloy. Cast alloy wheels are more susceptible to cracking than their steel counterparts. Cracking occurs upon bending the wheel further than the aluminum alloy can 'flex'. Bending your wheel comes from road impacts such as potholes, uneven pavement, bridge joints etc. Cracks can also be caused by imperfections in the casting process or if someone has hammered on your wheel. Your best defense against cracking a wheel is to drive very defensively, avoiding as many potholes and harsh pavement conditions as possible. In addition to good driving, regularly check and air up your tires as needed. Once your tire pressure drops below the recommended level (usually 30-44 psi for passenger cars) it can no longer protect your wheel from road hazards such as potholes. Not to worry though, if you do happen to crack a wheel, we are here to repair it. And we guarantee it!
Our Process
First, if installed, the tire is removed so the wheel can be thoroughly inspected. A crack often appears small on the outside but is usually larger on the inside of the wheel. Once it's determined the crack is repairable, the finish is chemically or mechanically removed from the area surrounding the crack so it cannot contaminate the TIG welding process. The crack is drilled at its end point to prevent further splitting. We then straighten the wheel. After straightening, the crack(s) is then prepped by our proprietary process to provide strength and durability. We repairs hundreds of rim cracks every year. After TIG welding is completed the wheels run-out is checked and final straightening is performed.  The barrel of the wheel is then recoated with industrial grade paint. The repair is engraved and run-out measurements are noted on the wheel. Finally the tire is re-mounted and balanced.
Our Guarantee
All wheels repaired through our crack repair process are guaranteed to be leak free upon pick up. Welding thru our process is a permanent repair, however road impacts ARE the cause of rim cracks so we cannot offer any longevity warranty. Any further cracking of the rim at the repair location or any other location is considered new damage. In addition, if your rim has been welded and is cracked at or near the same location, we generally will strongly recommend that you replace the rim instead of repairing it again. All rim damage is considered wear and tear.  

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